There are two kinds of control systems for industrial domestic and abroad fans, one is 3-5 gear speed, and the other is infinitely speed regulation. GS high volume low-speed industrial fans, #hvls fan #high volume low-speed fan #industrial ceiling fan #ceiling industrial fan, equipped with Schneider three gear switch and infinitely variable speed knob, allow customers to achieve convenience from zero to the maximum speed of any regulation.

The infinite transmission function of the engine can be divided into the mechanical transmission and electric transmission, according to the different transmission modes of the machine. High-volume, low-speed industrial fans, like high-power equipment, are driven by more advanced electrical power.

GX HVLS Industrial Fans Infinitely Variable Speed

Power transmission is divided into three categories:

The electromagnetic sliding type is installed in the asynchronous motor of an electromagnetic slip clutch by changing its excitation current to speed, which belongs to a relatively backward way of speed regulation. It features a simple structure, low cost, easy operation and maintenance, sliding maximum, low efficiency, and severe heat. It is not suitable for a long-term load operation, so it is generally only used for small power transmissions.

The second type is the dc motor, which changes the flux or armature voltage to achieve speed regulation. Its characteristic is the speed regulation scope is significant, and the accuracy is also high, but the equipment is complex, the cost is high, the maintenance is difficult, is generally used in the middle power scope (dozens to several hundred kilowatts), has been gradually replaced by the ac motor type.

The third type is the ac motor type, through pole change, voltage regulation, and frequency conversion for speed. It is characterized by good speed regulation performance, wide range, high efficiency, can be automatically controlled, small size, and suitable for a wide range of power: mechanical characteristics in the deceleration section for constant torque, low speed, and low efficiency, and operation is not smooth, high price, maintenance needs professional personnel. The most practical application is frequency control, using a converter to obtain a variable amplitude power supply and then drive the motor speed.

After years of improvement, Gatesea has gone from traditional gear-type speed adjustment to infinite speed adjustment, allowing customers to adjust the speed according to the site situation, avoiding the disadvantages of conventional, high, or low gear.

Source: Gateseafan Press Department
Publication Date: 4/16/2019

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