Clearcoat anodized patented airfoil blades with centrifugal cooling 

Ceiling Fan Sweep Size:
20' (610 cm) / 24' (732 cm) sweep

• Forward, reverse, variable speed
• Wash Down Duty rated, IP65 for indoor and outdoor use
• Adapts to input voltages and integrates with building automation systems
• Digital wall controller with fault code access
• 50,000-hour warranty
• Safety components: safety cable, universal mount with guy wires, blade retainer links


16 ft. Diameter Industrial Overhead Fan

Easy Operation
Energy Efficient
Low Noise Levels
Enhance Productivity

Don’t let hot temperatures keep you down. With the CB-16HVLS from GSHVLSFAN you’re able to provide energy efficient cooling solutions to exceptionally large areas.

The CB-16HVLS offers year-round cooling solutions to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your team, ultimately enhancing productivity. Optimal working conditions ensure maximum efficiency and reduce the likelihood of costly errors caused by overheating. Crafted with premium materials, the CB-16HVLS guarantees the refreshing airflow GSHVLSFAN is renowned for. Our fan blades, constructed from durable aluminum alloy, ensure a long service life.

One of the standout features of GSHVLSFAN HVLS fans is their versatility—ideal not only for hot days but also during winter. As colder months approach, heating becomes a necessity. Given that heat rises, multi-floor facilities often experience significant temperature variations. Instead of consistently using the heater, utilize the CB-16HVLS to push down the warm air, a process known as destratification. This effectively blends warm and cold air, creating an improved and cost-effective working environment.

In vast agricultural environments, relying solely on traditional AC for cooling is often impractical due to size and cost considerations. This is where an HVLS fan becomes invaluable. GSHVLSFAN HVLS fans deliver reduced humidity, enhanced ventilation, and an overall improved environment for people, animals, and plants. The enhanced air circulation minimizes heat stress for both workers and animals, leading to heightened productivity, healthier animals, and increased crop yields.

The powerful synergy between GSHVLSFAN HVLS fans and GSHVLSFAN Evaporative air coolers is evident. The air coolers provide chilled air, effectively distributed across expansive spaces by the HVLS fans. This combination is the ultimate solution for elevating productivity and morale. The CB-16HVLS not only boosts productivity but also contributes to the well-being of everyone. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining good health, and these fans excel in ensuring efficient air circulation. Keep your workforce happy and healthy with GSHVLSFAN!


  • Energy-efficient

  • Creates healthy work environment

  • Destratification

  • Enhance productivity

  • User-friendly operation

  • Magnet motor extends life

  • Low noise levels

  • Durable construction


Fan diameter16.5 ft. / 5 m
Motor and Mount11 in. / 280 mm
Motor Diameter13 in. / 330 mm
Blade to Motor8.25 in. / 210 mm
RPM78 RPM Max.
Number of Blades6
Air Volume360,210 cfm / 10,200 cmm
Fan Hanging Weight209.5 lbs. / 95 kg
Voltage/Current208-230 VAC, 5 Amps
Frequency/Phase50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.
UL CertificationYes
Intertek ETL ListedYes
Ceiling Height Min.10 ft. / 3 m
Control Cable Length≈80 ft. / 25 m
Operating Temperature+5° to +131° F / -15° to +55° C
Operating Humidity<95% Non-Condensing

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